Our Team - Sun Valley Electric
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Our Team

Meet the Core Sun Valley Team

At Sun Valley Electric, we’ve grown a strong leadership core that helps us deliver on our guarantee of quality, cost efficiency, and time management on every project. With our diverse electrical backgrounds and experience, we have a team that can lean on each other to ensure you get the best options available today and the most efficient methods on your every request.

Isaac Rowland FSR B


Isaac took over the company from Tony Mcarthy in 2008. Tony saw a confidence and determination in Isaac that was also quickly recognized by contractors and clients, and he knew he’d found the right person for the job. Isaac brought a defining vision for the company and intentionally chose his team to help deliver on that vision. He’s proud of his staff and loves to foster a level playing field when it comes to the best way to undertake and complete a job, trusting in the experience and skills of his team members.

Tracey Warren


Tracey is an integral part of our business admin and operations backbone. She communicates with our clients, schedules service work, assists our project managers with delivering custom details specific to each job as well as covering the behind the scenes business of Sun Valley Electric. Tracey is a huge asset to both our business and our clients as she tracks material, billing and monitors our efficiencies on every project. Tracey also plays a strong part in building our team as she is frequently organizing events for our electricians to get together whether it be outdoor challenge courses, fishing, laser tag or any other idea she has up her sleeve.

Kevin Villar FSR B


Kevin Villar has been a part of the Sun Valley Electric team since he started his apprenticeship many years ago. Kevin has excelled at his quality workmanship and has become a leading force in our custom and luxury residence division. Through his excellent customer relations, attention to detail, and expansive knowledge of the latest technologies and luxury home functionalities, he constantly delivers a superior product. Whether that includes home automation, renewable energy technologies, creative designer lighting, and many other areas of his specialized expertise, Kevin knows how to do it, and he does it well.

Greg Hilts FSR B


Greg is a longstanding and fundamental part of the Sun Valley team. He’s been with the company for 16 years and has played a key role in its success nd growth. Greg has successfully trained and raised the bar of expectation for many of our employees, including several in our leadership core. His expansive knowledge allows us to take on many challenging and diverse projects in the industrial and commercial fields. Greg is dedicated to what he does and it shows in his meticulous work and the great rapport he has with our customers.

Dan Morris


Dan Morris comes from a very knowledgeable residential and commercial background. He has been a part of our team for over 5 years and has spent over 10 years in the trade. Over this time, Dan has developed excellent skills in project and team management; leading the way in many large scale commercial and residential projects such as the West Kelowna Fabricland, Glen Valley, Winsome Hill, Brighton, and Paradise Estates. His continued commitment to optimize our project execution has strongly benefited our company’s delivery on cost and completion speed.

Terrance Wourm FSR B


Terence is a second generation electrician with a long history in the electrical trade. He specializes in commercial projects and multi-unit residential buildings. His vast knowledge of the other trades along with his natural interpersonal skills allow him to manage our teams effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly with the rest of the workplace. Furthermore, his work ethic and dedication to the client’s satisfaction ensures the project is completed on time, within budget, and always with the highest degree of quality. Terence’s field experience and expertise makes him an asset to any of our undertakings and ensures our crews are able to work competently and productively on any task.  

Travis Milligen FSR B


Travis Milligen has been with Sun Valley Electric since day one of his electrical apprenticeship. Over the years, he has established a great reputation with our clients and continues to develop and perfect his skills in the field. Travis brings a great customer relations aspect to our team and has acquired a great pace of operations in the residential sector. His dedication to go the extra mile and his reliability are strong assets to our team.

Dan Sawatsky


Dan Sawatsky has been with Sun valley Electric for over 5 years. He specializes in large scale residential developments such as Brighton Townhomes, Winsome Hill, and Fairview Townhomes. Dan is known for his excellent attention to detail and thorough quality of work, making sure your project is without deficiencies. Dan is a strong asset to every site with strong team leadership and approachability to make the changes and improvements you need on your project.